Report for Duty

Teamwork is key when it comes to camping! To ensure a successful and enjoyable trip, we encourage everyone to review the meal plan and assigned tasks, which will be distributed at the beginning of the trip. If you need assistance at any point, feel free to reach out to the organizers. Let's work together to make camping adventures unforgettable!

Here are some of the possible tasks that you will be able to sign up for:

  1. Tent setup and takedown: This includes setting up and taking down individual tents and communal areas.

  2. Meal preparation and clean up: This includes cooking and serving meals, as well as washing dishes and cleaning up after meals.

  3. Firewood gathering and fire pit maintenance: This includes collecting firewood, starting fires, and keeping the fire pit clean and safe.

  4. Trash and recycling management: This includes collecting, sorting, and properly disposing of waste during the trip.

  5. Water and latrine management: This includes filling and transporting water containers, managing latrines, and ensuring that water sources are treated and safe to drink.

  6. Site cleaning and maintenance: This includes sweeping, raking, and keeping the campsite tidy and free of litter.

  7. Entertainment and activities: This includes organizing games, hikes, and other recreational activities for the group to enjoy.