Leave No Trace

The greatest gift we can give to our fellow adventurers and future generations is pristine wilderness.

When venturing into the wilderness, we commit to leaving everything as we found it.

Not only does this keep our lakes and forests clean and beautiful, it ensures the delicate ecosystems within them remain healthy and intact. We want to continue returning to these outdoor gems for years to come, and want the same opportunity for future generations of outdoor-enthusiasts.

We proudly stand by the international Leave No Trace program by the Centre for Outdoor Ethics. By joining any of our adventures, you agree to:

  • PLAN AHEAD AND PREPARE, consult the campers checklist
  • TRAVEL AND CAMP ON DURABLE SURFACES, set your tent in existing tent spots, do not create new tent spots
  • DISPOSE OF WASTE PROPERLY, use the outhouse if available, or bury your feces at least 6 inches deep and 60m from the shoreline.
  • LEAVE WHAT YOU FIND, do not take or move things without reason
  • RESPECT WILDLIFE, do not feed or disturb wildlife, do not feed pets either
  • BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER VISITORS, always be respectful of other campers in the area, limit loud noises